Pre-School Program

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Rainbow's End

The goal of the Pre-School program at Rainbow’s End is to provide children with opportunities to explore and investigate the world in which they live. These opportunities are extended with, relevant, engaging and meaningful educational experiences in all developmental areas.

Relationship with the child and the child’s family is important throughout all the programs at Rainbow’s End. Parents are encouraged to be active in the program and communicate with the teachers on a regular basis.

The Pre-School curriculum is guided by The Creative Curriculum. This curriculum is a comprehensive curriculum which includes goals and objectives for children’s learning in all areas of development: social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language. These four developmental goals are carried out through the care-giving, the environment and activities provided in the Pre-School Program.

Social, motor, language, cognitive and sensory activities are provided for pre-school children. This includes large and small group activities, outdoor play, music experiences, creative movement, special field trips and intergenerational experiences.

The Pre-School Program includes the Blue Room and the Purple Room. Transition from the Blue Room to the Purple Room is based upon the individual child’s development and space available. Generally, young pre-schoolers remain in the Blue Room through 4 years of age and then transition to the Purple Room. Older pre-schoolers remain in the Purple Room until they begin kindergarten.